Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Tashkent Medical Academy and Department of Psychology of Samsun University of Turkey. Urologist Mustafa Caglar, psychologist. Ph.D. with the participation of clinical psychologist Ertugrul Tash and a teacher of the Department of Pedagogical Psychology of TTA, a clinical psychologist Sardor Akhmat oglu Dursunov, holding an Integral lecture on the theme “NECESSITY OF MEDICAL PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS IN MEDICINE”.
The topic includes psychological personal, psychological problems, the need for medical care and diagnostics in the Psychic service, problems in the Medical and Psychic service, stages of differentiation and, from this point of view, psychogenic factors of sexual dysfunctions, emotional-emotional disorders, cognitive and other acquaintances. it is intended to present various methodological processes, such as diagnosis through the identification of causal factors (etiology), psychodiagnostics and medical assistance.

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