Methodical work

In this academic year, teachers of the department prepared and published 3 textbooks, 6 manuals and 8 final control questions. Associate professor of the department RN Meliboeva, teachers NA Askarova, TR Bekmirov prepared a textbook on “Professional Psychology” entitled “Professional Psychology” and submitted it to the Academic Council of TTA. Textbook on “Pedagogy and Psychology” in Russian by R.N.Melibaeva, Sh.Raupova, Y.Narmetova, Sh.Shoimova, on “Pedagogy and Psychology” by R.Melibaeva, Sh.A.Raupova, Y.K.Narmetova A textbook in Uzbek was prepared and submitted to the monothematical commission. , Ps.f.n. The problem of personality in psychology by Y.K.Narmetova. Educational-methodical manuals on the activity of the person and his individual-psychological features and emotional-volitional state of the person were prepared and submitted to the Academic Council of TTA. Senior lecturer, M.O.Komilova, Makaricheva EV (KGMU). Methods of professional training in medicine and teaching, F.K.Iskandjanova, T.V. By Ryabovas (KGMU). Textbooks on psychology were submitted to the monothematical commission.
Associate Professor RN Meliboeva also wrote a monograph “Interactive methods of developing thinking” (№001225), senior lecturer, ps.f.n. Y.K.Narmetova’s “Model of the organization of psychological services in the health care system” (№001214), senior lecturer, Sh.A.Raupova’s textbook “Professional psychology” (№001226), teacher, NA Askarova Certificates and patents for the methodical manual “Diagnosis and psychocorrection of low learning” (№001310)